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Thursday, March 09, 2006
3X Thursday
3x Thursday: 03/09/y2k+6: More About the Human Condition
1. Do you stand up for yourself well? To put it more clearly, when the situation needs to be about you, are you good at saying so? Why/why not? What do you do?
Yes, I am good at standing up for myself, when the situation warrants. I think that is easier because I don't try to make everything about me, I pick my battles instead and save it for those matters near and dear to my heart.
2. Do you have re-occuring dreams? Do you think that our dreams tell us things about us, or do you think it's BS? Why/why not?
I have a few recurring dreams. I think those fragments of thoughts are pieced together to form dreams in some meaningful way. The meaning just may not be obvious to our conscious mind.
3. Are you very patient? Why/why not? When can you be the most patient person in the world? When can you be the least patient person in the world?
Yes I am very patient in most instances. I am very patient with my son. I'm not very patient while driving. I lived in Southern Californina and that driving mentality has never left me.
Bonus Question for Comments: Are you afraid to die? Why/why not?
No, I'm not afraid in the least. I'm at peace with things in my life and my Maker.
3X Thursday
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