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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
On The Other Hand
My son is a sweet darling angel. He may be ornery and full of energy and opinons. But he's still an angel. He put all of his clothes away int the laundry basket, let the dog out one final time and gave me a big cuddle at bed time. He's 13, but to me, he's still sweet. Just sweet with a mustache sprouting in. Heaven help me. I can't stand facial hair. I'm going to have to get him a top of the line razor and have my dad or brother teach him how to use it. At least THEY are positive role modes in his family. He also saw a picture of Sharon Stone from the upcoming movie "Fatal Attraction 2" and thought it was me. He asked why was I smoking. God love him! Either he's trying to be sweet or he needs new glasses yet again. Either way, the good thoughts were there. He's great, even when he's being difficult. He is my "reason to be"- if you have kids you understand that. If you don't, well, you don't know what you are missing out on. It's the greatest gift God, the Universe could ever bestow upon us. He makes my heart smile, even on a bad day, even on a day that I'm upset with him even! It's pure goodness...it can't be found anywhere else.
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