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Thursday, March 30, 2006
Trampoline Time!
Yes, that is me, being an idiot, as I am every year come Spring, and demonstrating my attempt at a front flip. Impressive, isn't it? If I look at the larger picture, I can tell I cheated and didn't straighten all the layers of my hair today, just the top few. It can be a bitch having this much hair, but I know I shouldn't complain. Speaking of hair, the kiddo is getting his cut off tomorrow. It is way too wild for my taste. I think he looks like a street urchin when it gets like that, but I think he likes it. I could take it being long if only he kept it neat. I'm trying to be a "cool" and fun mom, within reason. I was "too good" as a kid- and look at me now! I'm making up for lost time.
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The boy and the puppy enticed me into doing it. Or, was it the other way around? Either way... Ian is showning off his 560 move and the resulting injury to his arm. Yeah, I don't see it either...The dog usually jumps on with us and tries to eat our socks, for some reason.

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