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Monday, April 24, 2006
Monday's A Bitch
Travel 1. What are the top three places you’d like to visit before you die? The Great Barrier Reef, Australia Machu Picchu Peru Masai Mara Kenya 2. Who would be your ideal travel buddy? Someone who is as energetic as I am, up for an adventure and full of great conversation. 3. What’s the longest time you’ve been away from home? I used to spend lots and lots of weeks during the summer up at South Haven, Michigan, at the lake house. 4. Where's the best place you’ve ever visited? One of the best places was Aruba. It was very clean and safe- I hate what the media is doing to it right now. 5. What’s your favourite travel story? I was on a trip with a group of friends, one of them being my 100-foot-lesbian friend (this meaning that you can tell at a distance of 100 feet that she's a lesbian.) Anyhow, she's rather, um, how shall I say it... outspoken. We're in Cozumel, Mexico shopping and we walk past a local sitting on a bench. He seems to have decided that this was as good a place as ever to masturbate (at least it was through his pants and he hadn't unzipped them!) My friend starts yelling at him things like "You freak, there are kids around here..." and "You can pull on it all you want, it isn't going to grow any more, stubby!" I'm cracking up laughing. The fact that we'd had about 5 shots of tequila so far didn't hurt matters much.
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