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Monday, April 17, 2006
Peeps Jousting
I surprised my son by doing some Peeps Jousting when he returned home Sunday evening. He walked into the kitchen and wondered why I had purchased Peeps as we hate them. I then proceeded to tell him about Peep Jousting.
Innocent (yet disgusting) Peep, unaware of the fate that awaits him...

My money was on the Peep with the red toothpick.

It's hard to take a good photo inside of the microwave... I had never tried before this. You can see how the Peeps grew several times larger than normal. I had to open up the door and take this shot quickly before the Peeps deflated.

Evidence of the deflated Peeps. For the record, the Peep with the yellow toothpick won.

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Ian was kind enough to take this photo of me eating my first (and only) Peep. It was truly disgusting.

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