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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Way Back Wednesday
This week we're doing repeat offenders for Way Back Wednesday. Mine wasn't a particular item of clothing, it was a color- red! Every freaking picture I have of me as a kid has me sporting a red outfit. A complete red outfit. Usually shoes included. Where in the hell did my mom find red shoes? I think I have about every year covered in the decade of the 70's here. So sad! I do recall that I wanted red velvet curtains for my bedroom when I was young. My mom never let me have them. Hmmm...I wonder why? Actually, I let my son do whatever he wants to decorate his room. I just bought bright orange paint for just that reason. I hope he likes it, as I'm not painting over it any time very soon. Maybe not having red velvet curtains scarred me for life. I think the next time I see my mom, I tell her that is the reason I turned out to be gay. No red velvet curtains! Or, maybe that should have been her first indication that I was gay!
I'm thinking that my grandmother made these matching dresses for my older sister and me. We look like we're wearing the tablecloths from an Italian restaurant. Evidence of the red shoes. Also early evidence of my belly button fetish. I'm so happy I could amuse my family with such antics. Christmas 1973...I've even got momma in on the red this time. The 1974 version of red... And the 1971 look...If you look closely, you can see I have red ruffles on my panties. The best red outfit I ever owned. It included red cowboy boots. I hate western wear now, but I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I got this for Christmas. Cold weather wear in red. My sister and I are on a family trip to Wisconsin in 1977. Who the hell goes on a vacation to Wisconsin? (sorry TKW!) My horrendous Dutch girl outfit. I mentioned this as an embarrassing thing my parents did to me as a child in my Manic Monday post. We aren't even Dutch, so I have no idea why this was a recurring theme in my childhood.
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