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Thursday, May 18, 2006
3X Thursday
1. Are there medicines you have to take everyday? If so, is it a drag? There are probably medicines I should take every day, but I won't. So yes, I suppose it was a drag. I don't like pills. 2. Are you more of a Western medicine fan, or Eastern? Wny/why not? As my usual approach to many things in live, I blend what I see is the best of both worlds. 3. Are you one of those people who avoids doctors at all costs and just self-medicates as need be, or do you check in with a 'professional' from time to time? Let's get one thing straight- I hate the doctor. I hate going there, I hate the smell, I hate her poking around on me, asking me questions and most of all I hate getting poked with needles. I am a very bad patient, I admit it. I didn't go to the doctor for about 5 years. I fianally gave in and went last year and I am paying for my years of staying away now. Or maybe I'm just getting old! ;-)
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