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Monday, May 01, 2006
Manic Monday
1) Did you do what you were told when you were young, or did you rebel? I was very well behaved as a kid. I watched what my older brother and sister did to get in trouble and then avoided doing those things. But now I have all that rebelling to get out of my system as an adult! 2) What did your childhood bedroom look like? Well, as my mother wouldn't let me have the red velvet curtains I wanted (see my Way Back Wednesday post for further explanation of that!) I went with pink. It was one of those horribly girly foo-foo rooms with French provincial furniture, including a canopy bed and a ruffled pink bedspread. I also had my own pink love-seat and upholstered chair in my room. My dad had those custom made for me. I wonder where they are now, as what would one do with a pink loveseat? 3) Are there foods, smells, songs or sounds that bring back memories of childhood for you? Scent is a very strong memory trigger for me. Fresh-squeezed lemonade, fresh cut grass, new blacktop asphalt, lilac trees and the smell of a real charcoal grill and lighter fluid all take me back. 4) What is something you often did on Sundays when you were growing up? My dad would make pancakes for us each and every Sunday. My grandma would come over and join us for breakfast and then we'd all go to church. Every Sunday... After church my dad would do something with the leftover pancake batter to make me "crepes" to hold me over until Sunday dinner.
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