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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Go visit Musings of a Mad Migrant and tell her you played.
Once, there were THREE BLIND MEN who loved to TRAVEL TOGETHER and in one of their travels, they encountered an elephant. Now, they have never come across an ELEPHANT before, so THEY DID NOT KNOW what it was. The first man, touching the trunk, thought the elephant was like a SNAKE. The second man, touching the ears, thought the elephant was like a FAN. The third, touching the body, thought the elephant was like a WALL. Like the blind men, we all encounter the SAME ELEPHANTINE WORLD -- in fact, we ourselves are elephants --and yet we all EXPERIENCE it and each other DIFFERENTLY. How do you SEE the world?
Would you rather live once to a ripe old age, or live nine times but never get past your teenage years? It isn't necessarily how long you live, but what you do with that time. Nonetheless, I'll take living once to a ripe old age. I certainly wouldn't want to be a teenager over and over again. I was far too "lost" at that time in my life.
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