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Monday, June 26, 2006
Monday Madness
1. Do you own a digital camera? Absolutely! 2. What is your camera of choice? I'm pretty pleased with my Canon Digital Rebel XT SLR 3. If you're a digital camera fan, do you print your own photos, or do you send them in to be printed? If you send them in, do you have a favorite place? I don't care to print my own. I mostly have them printed off my Flickr account, but I've used Snapfish in the past. 4. How many pictures do you take a month? Easily hundreds. 5. How many of those pictures actually get printed? Only a handful- I am way behind. 6. Are you planning on purchasing a new camera in the near future? No, but I'd be thrilled to get a new lens. 7. CHALLENGE: Go check out Favorite Five Photos and Foto Pherrets and choose just ONE photo to share. You can see my choice here
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