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Monday, July 10, 2006
Miss Elainie

Just for Fun

1. Have you ever ice skated? Yes, many, many times. I grew up in the Midwest so what else were we to do in the winter? I always had my own pair of skates. Sometimes we would go to the ice rink but if it was cold enough we would skate on the river when it froze over.

2. Have you ever used a pair of roller skates that required a key to adjust them. No, but I've heard of them.

3. What make was your first two-wheeled bicycle? A Schwinn with a fantastic white banana seat.

4. Where was it when you first learned to ride a two-wheeled bicycle? On the very long driveway of my childhood home.

5. Which toy or game did you persistently harass your parents to get for you and then when you got it, it wasn't’t as fun as you thought it would be. I can't recall any specific toy that meets that criteria.

6. Do you remember a toy/game named: Boob Tubes? My first instinct upon reading the name was to answer no. However, when I opened the link and saw the photo I recalled a toy like that at my grandmother's house.

7. An aggie, cat eye, popper, black beauty, shooter are all types of- Marbles, of course! I was an avid collector of marbles when I was young. My father and grandfather would occasionally find very old marbles when working in the yard or the garden and would always give them to me. I kept them all in a beaded leather Indian pouch. I have no idea what ever happened to them all, so I suppose you could say I've lost my marbles!

8. Have you ever played Chinese or double Dutch jump rope? I loved to play Chinese jump rope. I wasn't so swift at double-Dutch.

9. As a child, did you ever have a W.T. Grant or J.J. Newberry in your area? Grant's soundsvaguelyy familiar.

10. Have you ever been to a soda fountain at a drug store. If so, what was the name of the Drug Store. I cannot recall the name of the store. I do remember that I loved the way the circular seats would spin all the way around. They were edged with chrome and covered in some sparkly-redvinyly material. I thought they were the greatest! I didn't like soda then (nor do I now for that fact) so I always ordered a Purple Cow.

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  • At 7/11/2006 08:52:00 PM, Anonymous Julia

    Hi, Lisa, good answers. I haven't done this one yet; been offline so much lately. Hope you're having a wonderful week! Hugs, Julia


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