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Monday, February 06, 2006
Ok, I hit my 1,000 visit today on my blog. Thanks to all of you that have visited and enjoyed it. If you didn't enjoy it, you might want to leave a comment and say why (see disclaimer in side board). If you don't want to say why you didn't enjoy it, stop reading it. No one is making you come here and read it. If you're my mother, stop reading, you don't want to know what I'm writing... Oh, wait.... You can't be my mother. She refuses to hook up her computer to the internet. She just told me yesterday that she and my dad finally got a cellular phone. Welcome to the 20th century folks! Of course, she also told me that she doesn't know the number to her mobile phone. Momma, that is an important detail, you may want to find that out sometime soon. I know, one step at a time. This type of thing always makes me wonder if I'm adopted.
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