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Monday, February 06, 2006
Okay, I am more relaxed now. I've had a few moments to myself to chill out. My son had a boat load of homework tonight. 9 pages of science, 1 page of math, a Spanish packet ( I don't speak Spanish- only French), and God knows what else. Oh yeah, an essay in Religion class. I must have not paid attention in more than one day of Sunday School. I don't understand what he has to write about. Something about how we can be like Jesus when he washed feet. Okay... feet gross me out. If you ever saw my ex-husband's feet, you would know why. If I think objectively, he is a good-looking man. Except the feet. I just shuddered thinking about them. They are the ugliest feet ever. Really. I'm not just saying that. If you want to see me jump, just touch me with feet. There is a space between his big toe and his second toe that is so large it appears that another toe should fit in there. I have to stop now.... Ugh.
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