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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Don't Let Him Fool You
He looks innocent enough...But like I've always said, looks can be very deceiving. Take me for example, I look innocent enough too...Ah, he must get it from me then. Ian and I are eating our breakfast together this morning and I opened up one last piece of mail that was leftover from yesterday. Actually it was junk mail to the previous owner of the house. It was from some Catholic organization. But it could have been for me too, since I send my son to Catholic school they deem me fit to hit up for money. Anyhow, the contents had a picture of Jesus on it. Ian was looking it over and said, "Jesus had a mullet. And I don't think he was white like they make him look like in most of the pictures." It will be a miracle if he doesn't get tossed out of school, or at the very least, religion class. Wednesday is Mass day at his school, so I told him to be sure and pray for both of us today! He passed out in Mass a few months ago. I'm certain the school though it was because he was so filled with the Holy Spirit he was overcome. Actually, he had locked his knees and it caused him to faint. I won't tell if he doesn't. I asked him how he knew that the previous owners of our house were Catholic. He said he knew because they had holes nailed above every bedroom door to hang a crucifix. Not much gets by him! I've hung a gargoyle over the hole in the room that is now my office and a dream catcher in the master bedroom. We haven't hung anything over the holes in his room or the guest/dog's room. Give me a break, We've only lived there for two years!
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