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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
VD part II
That's Valentine's Day- you smut minded people. We were talking quite a bit about Valentine's Day at work today. One of my co-workers usually "messes up" on this day. On the first Valentine's Day she had with her partner, she told her that she had cheated on her earlier in the year. Not the best day to pick to tell such a secret, I'm just venturing a guess here. My bosses finace always asks me on the phone if I have a boyfriend yet. He knows I'm a lesbian. He just loves to give me a hard time. I'll chalk it up to the language barrier. He speaks Farsi, and English with a very thick accent. Of course, he can always speak English well enough to say he can fix me up with a very nice man who will buy me not only a Mercedes but a Jaguar too. Uh-huh.... Um...do I need to define lesbian for these people? I'm sorry if I don't "look like" their textbook definition of lesbian. I swear that I am! And as you've read earlier, my co-worker's fiance sent me a Valentine. He said he would volunteer to assist me if I ever wanted to be straight again. Like I said, it's a good thing I like him... As we were all leaving work, my fellow lesbian co-worker told us all that she hopes we all get laid for Valentine's Day. I said to Shannon (whose finace sent me the Valentine), "Yeah, like that's going to happen!" She joked back and said that if I took Don's advice and went straight, it might happen. Gee, thanks! But no thanks! I told her that I was 100% lesbian and I had no interest in going any other way.
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