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Friday, February 03, 2006
NWhoo-hoo! It is finally Friday. It's been one helluva week around here. I am butt-dragging tired but only have to make it through half a day today. In honor of Catholic School Week (don't ask me what that means), my son has early dismissal from school. And, of course his father can't pick him up. Why is it that men think that their jobs are more important that women's jobs? I'm venting right now. I know that all men aren't like that. I shouldn't put my ex-husband in with every other male. He deserves a class all to himself! Ian, if you are reading this at school, stop now. My son has computer class at school. He decided to Google the word beagador. That is what breed we call our dog who is half beagle, half lab. Lo and behold, what site does my dear child come upon, but this blog. I'd never given him the link to it as I didn't really want him to read it. What are the odds of him coming across my site just by searching for the word beagador? I told him to stop reading my blog at school, I don't want him to get expelled! I'm going to relax tonight by going to see "Transamerica". It's finally made its way here to Indy. I'm excited about seeing it.
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