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Saturday, February 04, 2006
The Great Gatsby
Doesn't everyone think their dog is the most precious thing to walk the earth on four paws? I'm just the same. My Gatsby (yes, that is her name) is a sweetheart. My literary-minded son named her. She's 3 1/2 now and still full of puppy energy. I had a dog when I was growing up, and I adored her, but this is different. I first saw Gatsby when she was 4 weeks old. I was doing a "meet-and-greet" at a Women's Conference. There was a woman-run pet rescue there and of course I had to go and see all the babies. I am a sucker for that. I saw Gatsby and fell in doggy-love at first sight. Her adorable little white spot on her chin. She was so sweet and had that puppy dog breath. She fit right into the pocket of my suit jacket. I knew I had to have her. So I took care of the appropriate paperwork and set the wheels in motion. I didn't tell my son right away. The owner was having another showing at a local pet store and was bringing Gatsby along even though she was taken. I had my son meet me there and when he walked in I had her in my arms. He was so shocked that we were actually getting her. We still had to wait for a few weeks until she was old enough to be separated from her mom. Mom is a beagle and had 9 lab mix puppies at the time Gatsby was born. Poor momma! Gatsby has been with us ever since and it such a welcome addition. I love having the companionship that she has to offer. Though she does think she owns the house. I have a favorite chair in my office and she loves to sit in it all the time. She is a black dog and this is a (normally) white chair. I am constantly washing the slipcovers. That must be true love because my home office is my second favorite room in my house, right after the master suite. She had a terrific time running around in the snow today. She's got a huge yard to run around in. She hates the rain and will barely go out to go to the bathroom in it. But snow, that is a different story. The funny thing is, she pees on the deck when there is snow on it. Normally, she is an intelligent dog. I don't get it. Yes, the deck is huge at about 900 sf. But why only in the snow? She's crazy, but I love her.
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