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Saturday, February 11, 2006
Shoe catastrophe averted. We found 2 pairs of shoes that met with his approval. Not hunter green hightops...But oh well. He voted for the gray and black Vans. I found some gray and orange Asics. He liked them; it was the miracle of the day. So his shoes were found in one store. I wasn't so lucky. I went into L.S. Ayres. They have an Origins makeup counter there. I'm on the verge of running out of just about everything. Come to find out, so are they. I found out they're moving out of the store as Ayres is closing. So I left there empty handed. Not to be totally cheated, I decided to torture the child some and look upstairs to see if they had any suits in my size left. Nothing, nada, zip...It was almost all petite. I hate that. Where are the clothes for sort-of -tall women? I never see that section in the store. I don't understand why women's clothes can't be sized like men's clothes. Inseam and waist. End of story. How simple would that be? Would it bother women to say you now wear a size 28x33 when you used to wear a size 4? Does the number 28 sound too large? It's the same thing.... I just don't get it. I need to go to bed now. Yes, I know what time it is....Call me pitiful for going to bed before 9:00 on a Saturday.
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