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Saturday, February 11, 2006
Sisterly Update
Here's the news from my sister. The younger one, the scary death girl that is possibly adopted in my opinion. Where in the hell did she come from?? Anyhow, she's leaving Philadelphia and moving back in with my parents. According to Debi (yes, that is her name- not a good name for a Goth Girl) my mother is happy about it. Knowing my mother, she probably is happy about it. Momma, you need to get a life! Debi is moving to Orange County California in a few months. I have no idea why. Perhaps she has no idea why. I lived there many years ago and she is going to be shocked at the cost of living. She also said she can't wait until Mom sees her. She sent a picture which I'll refrain from putting up on here for fear that my friends that read this will cease to associate with me. Let's just say she has a new hairstyle and leave it at that. My mother keeps saying that she'll outgrow all of this. Um, momma, she's going to be 30 in a few years....Isn't that enough time? Honestly though, she is a good-hearted person. Her looks can be very deceiving. Hey- my dog loves her and so does my son. I trust their judgment implicitly...
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