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Sunday, February 12, 2006
Randomness Meme
randomness...feed your mind and your blog week of feb12: snowday since were snowed in today in NJ, lets talk about snowdays remember when you were a kid and you wanted it to snow tons so you could stay home from school and play in the snow? How do you feel about snowdays now as an adult? What do you do when you are snowed in? If it doesn't snow where you live, then what would you do if you had a snow day? till next time.... Enjoy that weather!
I don't like snowdays. I hate driving in the snow and feel certain I'm going to have a reckless moron come crashing in to me. I can't think of any days in recent memory that I didn't have to go to work. Every time it snows just a bit my son hopes and prays for a school cancellation. He asks me to check the news and the website over and over again. As he goes to private school, it doesn't appear that they cancel school very often as the parents are responsible for transporting the kids.
When he does have a snow day I stay home with Ian and we have a free day. If he wants to stay in pajamas and watch movies and eat popcorn together, then that is what we do. We might light a fire and I make homemade-from-scratch hot chocolate. If there is enough snow and it is the right kind of snow we might make a snowman if it isn't too cold for me to be out.
I'm fortunate that I have a very short commute. It takes me longer to take him to school than it does for me to drive to work. I detest wasting time driving. I don't want time in my car to eat up my life.
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