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Sunday, February 12, 2006
Last night Ian came to me after he'd been in bed for a little while. He had been scratching his back until it was really red in a few places. I put some topical Benadryl on him and noticed his skin was really dry. Do men put on lotion? I have no idea about these kinds of things. I know I put on body lotion every day of the year. Is there some kind of "man lotion" out there? I need to find this out... I do know it has to be scent-free. I was making him smell men's cologne during our trek to the mall yesterday. I had him try Ralph Lauren Blue for men. He says everything smells like soap... I think I know why his skin is so dry. His 20 minute long burning hot showers every morning. He comes out with his flesh bright red. I couldn't figure out what was taking him so long to get ready in the morning. I found out that he sits down in the shower. He said the hot water feels good on a cold morning so he sits down and that way the water hits his entire body at once. I need a bigger water heater... I told him that I don't sit down in my shower and I have a bench built in to it. It is however handy for shaving my legs everyday. Hey, even I don't take 20 minutes to shower!
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