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Saturday, February 11, 2006
What's Your Definiton?

The Picto-Personality Test

You are a person who lives in the moment and is passionate about whatever and whoever you love. When alone, you appreciate being able to do nothing if you want to, and setting your own pace for things. You are intelligent. You use your time to its fullest potential and will go very far in life. In the future you will be happy and live richly.
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Lisa is mostly likely to say the out-of-date phrase:
In your dreams space coyote
William Shakespeare
Because they did all of your jello shots
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Dear Cupid, This year, I've had my ups and downs in the love department.
I tried to seduce ____with the whole ‘secret admirer’ bit but then lost interest. I accidentally glued my hand to_____ ’s butt (and it’s a really nice butt). I baked some cookies for but I forgot about their deadly peanut allergy.
So, as you can see, it's been a hectic year. Can you please make fall in love with me this Valentine's day? Sincerely, FleurDeLisa

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I'm getting delirious... I need to stop now.

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