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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Flight Plan
I was right, a dose of Jodie Foster did do me good! Overall, I enjoyed the film. Yes, there were loopholes in the script. I did my best to overlook them and tried to not over analyze things. Not an easy feat for me, to say the least. I kept my focus on the shiny things in the movie... guns, handcuffs, Jodie's piercing blue eyes. All good things. Would I have enjoyed this movie if it would have starred someone else? Perhaps not. As it turns out Jodie Foster's role was originally written for Sean Penn. The original character's name of "Kyle" was even kept. I like the name Kyle for a woman- but I don't like Sean Penn. So I'm doubting that I would have bothered to rent "Flightplan" starring Sean Penn, no matter how sick I am this week... I also have to applaud whomever made the decision to have "Kyle take off her long sleeve shirt that she had on earlier in the film in favor of this one- Nice arms! Smart and sexy, a terrific combination.
Flightplan (2005) Video code provided by The Movie Insider
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