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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
I'm Rambling Now
OK, I am officially sick of being sick. This is waaaay too boring for me. To top it off, nearly everyone I know here in town is out of town this week. And, I have hit and miss laryngitis, so I can't talk. I must talk a lot more than I think I do, because I miss it. I guess talking is like sex, you only notice it when you're not getting to do it. So I suppose I will have to write instead. Instead of talking that is! I'm not usually one to sit still for long. That's adding to my displeasure. Now, I'm usually a happy-go-lucky person. But I think I'm starting to get dangerously weary of this all. I went to Blockbuster yesterday to rent some movies. I had no idea what to pick. So far I've watched "Walk the Line" and surprisingly enough, I actually enjoyed it. I'm no fan of country music. But it was okay, it really was. Reese Witherspoon is a cutie (but much cuter as a blonde) so that made the movie, shall we say, more palatable. I'm sick but I'm not dead. I also watched "The Weatherman" with Nicholas Cage. It was, well, different. I thought I was going to like that one more. It was compared with "American Beauty" which I really liked. I enjoy the dark, dry humor- like Allan Ball's style on "Six Feet Under." Perhaps it was too depressing for me at this current time. I think I will watch "Flight Plan" tonight. A dose of Jodie Foster will do me good.
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