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Friday, April 21, 2006
My son is going camping this weekend…with his Boy Scout troop. He’s got this brilliant idea that I should come with a group of 13-16 year old boys is not my idea of a good time. I’m not someone who can go two days without a shower. I’m not someone who can go without taking a shower 2 times a day! I am not exactly a rustic kind of girl. I like being outdoors, but when I come inside, I want a king-size bed and a Jacuzzi tub. When I was growing up, I was tom-boyish…well, tom-boyish in a most girly way. It’s hard to explain. Then again, so am I. I don’t readily fit into any particular category and that’s fine with me! I’m not “this” and I’m not “that”- I’m just…me. I camped a bit when I lived in California, but that was about 15 years ago. In California, I didn’t have to worry about it raining. It’s true what they say- it never rains in California. Well, except lately, as I’ve heard the stories on the news of some of the levees breaking there. I’m talking Southern California, and when I lived there, it was during a very dry spell. I know, because I had a Jeep Cherokee at the time and left the top off of it continuously. Good thing as I hated putting the damn thing back on! I also know that it rarely rained because I still remember that it was a rare day of rain the day my son was born. So, this afternoon I’ll be busy helping my son pack for his trip. We didn’t do it last night because I had to take him out to buy new hiking boots. The kid has huge feet, disproportionate to his little body. I don’t know where he gets those feet from, not from me and not from his father. I’m going to make sure he has his rain gear with him as they are threatening the potential for such. Of course, I’ve been holding off all week on putting some stuff down on my lawn due to the alleged rain we’re supposed to get. As of yet, it hasn’t materialized all week. Good thing, as I don’t want to have to cut the grass more than once a week. But, it would be just his luck to have it rain on him and not be prepared (Isn’t “Be Prepared” the Scout motto anyhow?) so I’m getting those gigantic zip-loc baggies to put his clothes in. I’m betting when I pick him up on Sunday, I’ll want to hose him down with a pressure washer before I let him in the car.
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  • At 4/21/2006 09:09:00 PM, Anonymous Julia

    Hi, Lisa, hope you enjoy your time alone curled up with a good book or a good video or whatever else you like to do! We spent a few days up north with our son and his wife this week, and I'm still recuperating. Your son is such a sweet age really.


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