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Friday, April 21, 2006
Four For Friday
Q1 - Sleepover: A friend calls you up and says, "Hey, me and some of my buddies are headed your way for a [insert reason here... concert, bike race, conference/trade show, etc.]. Can we crash at your place Saturday night?" What do you say... yes; no; depends on how many people they're bringing? Despite what you'd tell this friend of yours, if you made the effort, how many people could you accommodate for a one-night sleep over? Well, my guest room is full of books and my bookcase that I moved out of my office when I got the second desk, so that is sort of limiting. It depends on if my son is home or not, as he has a queen size bed in his room. My fourth bedroom has no bed, as it is a "home office" but I do have a pull-out sofa in my finished part of the basement. Sorry, but I'm not sharing my bed in the master suite! Q2 - Learning: When did you last learn something entirely new, and what was it that you learned? I've been learning how to edit photos on Photoshop, but I can't say that I know all that I can quite yet. I've bought several books that I'm studying on the subject. I'd love to learn more about photography- I go purely on instinct now....but I'm rather afraid that it would go like the ballet classes I took when I was 9. I really wanted to learn more about it. I was passionate about the movement of it all. Well, I was so impatient about learning first position, second positon and so on....it just stomped the creative aspect of it right out me...forever. I don't dance much at all now. Sad really. So I need a bit more on my own before I take a class on digital photography. I want to keep that creative (and possibly un-educated) edge about me. I think I'm much more apt to allow myself that creativity now, to know that there's no "right and wrong" when it comes to that sort of thing, and just go with the flow more. Just let those creative juices flow. I think that is something that is easily lost as adults. We're taught to color in the lines. Think within the box. It sucks! Q3 - Natural Disasters: A major earthquake (estimated to be about 7.7 magnitude) rocked a sparsely populated region of eastern Russia earlier today. Considering that certain regions of the planet are more prone to earthquakes than others, would you go out of your way to avoid those regions, even when traveling for leisure? For example, would not visit San Francisco, California, because of its earthquake-related reputation? I lived in So. California for a while. You can't scare me! Q4 - Reading: Quick, I need to suggest a book for my guys & gals book club. What title should I assign to everyone to read (for the month of June)? How about Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseni...it made me cry. Not much makes me cry anymore- so obviously it was well written.
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