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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Tell The Truth - Part Trois
...or Pick Your Preference. I got this from Irish Church Lady's Blog Here's the rules again: You must pick one or the other. If you can't pick only one, then score yourself a point! Points are bad (hee hee!) because you have to subtract them from 10 to get your total score. Plus....you need to tell us why you can't pick one. 21..Sweet or salty? Sweet 22..Europe or Australia? Europe 23..Broken bone or surgery? Broken Bone 24..Good speller or good map reader? Good Speller. I can't read a map for the life of me! 25..Pizza or burgers? I don't eat burgers, so pizza...Puccini's pizza. I eat there all the time. 26..Birthday or Christmas? Birthday 27..Long hair or short hair? long-ish. 28..Pierced ear or gold chain on a man? Ewww.... I don't like either. I don't like it because I don't find either very attractive or dignified. I think of gold chains on a hairy chest and I find that utterly disgusting! 29..Crossword or sudoku? Sudoku, I think it's great. 30..American Idol or Survivor? I don't watch either one, but I'd pick Survivor because Jeff Probst is cute. (did I just say that? I must be delirious!) What's your score mean? 9-10 - You like lots of stuff going on in your life! =) 5 - 8 - Oh sweet summer, take me away soon! :) 0 - 4 - Last time you tried something new, it hurt, didn't taste good or you didn't like it. :O
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