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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
There's nothing you can know that isn't known. Nothing you can see that isn't shown. I broke out my collection of Beatles CDs last night after listening to "I Am The Walrus" with my son last night. He was reading the liner notes to "Magical Mystery Tour" and asking me what kind of drugs they were on. I told him they were most likely smoking everything but their shoes. I need to transfer my complete collection of Beatles CDs to my IPod. It's the one thoughtful gift my ex-husband bought me. I mean, he bought me many, many presents- but I feel like this was one time he wasn't buying it out of guilt for doing something completely asinine, like usual. Or maybe it was out of guilt and I just didn't know what he'd done wrong that time. I was happy that it wasn't his usual gift of either flowers or lingerie! I couldn't stand either one for years after I divorced him. Anyhow, he was on a trip to Arizona at the time, back when we lived in southern California. He came back with the entire collection of Beatles albums on CD for me. I was pregnant with my son at the time and spent a lot of quality time listening to those CDs. Ian was looking at the album artwork and asked me, "Wasn't this guy on 'Thomas The Tank Engine' that show that I watched when I was a kid?" If you have kids, you know what I mean. If not, be thankful that you didn't have to watch that show over and over. Actually, I rather liked that one. Much better than Barney! At least "Thomas" felt like it had morals and values and a bit for the grown-ups stuck watching it with their offspring. I didn't like to let Ian watch TV without me sitting with him when he was small. I didn't look at it as a babysitter, but as an experience to share.
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