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Thursday, May 25, 2006
Dr. Beach's national winners of the best beaches in America 2006 -- Fleming Beach Park, Hawaii 2005 -- Fort DeSoto Park, Florida 2004 -- Hanauma Bay, Hawaii I snorkled here almost every weekend when I lived in Hawaii. It was gorgeous, crystal clear water. 2003 -- Kaanapali, Hawaii 2002 -- St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, Florida 2001 -- Poipu Beach Park, Hawaii 2000 -- Mauna Kea Beach, Hawaii 1999 -- Wailea Beach, Hawaii 1998 -- Kailua Beach Park, Hawaii I lived very close to this beach and it was a great place for long walks. 1997 -- Hulopoe, Hawaii 1996 -- Lanikai Beach, Hawaii Another beach I visited regularly. 1995 -- St. Andrews SRA, Florida 1994 -- Grayton Beach SRA, Florida 1993 -- Hapuna, Hawaii 1992 -- Bahia Honda SRA, Florida 1991 -- Kapalua Bay Beach, Hawaii
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