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Monday, May 15, 2006
How one of my IM chats appear in cartoon style
You too can cartoon-ify and save your IM chats. Scary isn't it? Go here to try it out. By the way, I'm the judge looking guy. I want them to make me look like a girl. That is my request. I'm not saying who the other chatter is.... that's noneya' -AKA none of your business. LOL! you there? yes how ya doin? I how are you doin are we from NJ now? what did ya smokey bones LOL ewww yuck sorry where r ya? Moe and Johnny feeling like crap just now again I me too sucky what are you doing? working oh okay no prob I oh ya? yeah I I it is passing good but I am wondering if I have a bug it keeps coming back sounds like you might I am tired too yep I dunno why just am well get well for this weekend, ok ok why? cause...so we can do something fun like? go to the BR art fair? I don or what? hey, is that this weekend? yes indeedy goody I love that stuff yeppers my water smells like Mary Jane here to change the subject oh my yeppers maybe it is just me don too darn late~!
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