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Monday, May 15, 2006
Monday Madness
Fill in the blanks... 1. If I could change ONE thing from this past weekend, it would be ________. a bit more heads up on my parents arrival. 2. One of my favoriet recipes includes ________. dark chocolate butterscotch brownies (I made some for Mother's Day) 3. If things don't go as originally planned, I tend to ________. re-adjust. 4. My daily routine is very ________. full 5. The one television show I will probably miss, since the season is coming to an end, is ________. CSI as it is the only show I watch 6. I have a calendar hanging/sitting on my ________. fridge, bulletin board in my home office, wall in my "work" office, computer desktop on work and home and one in my purse. (think that is enough?) 7. I'm really ________ about changing the calendar when the day/month changes. obsessive (big surprise!)
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