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Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Ten On Tuesday
10 Things That Remind You Of Your Mother
  1. "Did you go _______ alone?" I'm 36 and my mother still worries if I go out alone....To do anything, anything at all.
  2. Lehman's Mints- she always has some in her purse.
  3. Sheets hung out to dry in the sun.
  4. Drinking hot tea in the afternoon
  5. Methodist church hymnals- I went to church with my mother every week.
  6. Carrying around Kleenex- Mom always has some on her, hidden in some pocket.
  7. Lilac bushes- we had huge rows and rows of them growing in my childhood yard.
  8. "It's been crazy around here." She says this each and every time I talk to her!
  9. Sour cream sugar cookies. Only my mother (and her mother) know how to make them correctly. It's a top secret family recipe.
  10. Jeopardy! Mom loves that show.
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  • At 5/12/2006 10:25:00 AM, Anonymous Torie

    Sour cream sugar cookies? - get out! That is my mom's speciality. I wonder if their recipe is the same? My family is known for my mom's cookies in literally four or five states. I have never heard of anyone else making sour cream sugar cookies - that is just too weird. They are the best though, aren't they?


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