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Monday, June 26, 2006
Monday's a Bitch
It's Called a Break-Up Because It's Broken In the following questions, "break-up" can refer to either the end of a romantic relationship, or of a close friendship. 1. After a hard break-up, do you tend to hold on to photos and other things that remind you of the past relationship, or do you destroy all mementos as a sort of coping experience? I lean toward dumping the mementos. 2. After a horrible break-up, wherein you feel someone's done you wrong, do you tend to let it slide and move on, or search out some revenge? Any stories you'd care to share? I don't seek out revenge, but I wouldn't say I let it slide. I may forgive but I don't forget. No stories to share- I don't kiss and tell. 3. Have you ever broken up with someone, only to wind up dating them again, or becoming friends with them again? Did this happen because one of you or something about the relationship changed? Or were you not meant to break-up in the first place? Ugh, yes I have dated someone after breaking up with them. Bad idea! Nothing changed, I was just being plain stupid. 4. Do you take the time to learn from your mistakes in different relationships and friendships after they end, or do you move on as fast as possible? I move on, but it takes some time for the learning part to take place. 5. In your opinion, is trying to stay friends with a former romantic partner after a break-up a good idea or a bad idea? It is a bad idea, or at least for me it is. I have never been friends with an ex.
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