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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
How Much Are You Really Worth?
Look over the list below, taking the dollar amounts from each of the things you have done (whether past or present) and add it up…than post how much you are worth in your blog title. Don’t forget to pass it along… 1. Have gone past first base–$ 700(I couldn't even remember what the bases were!) 2. Have had sexual intercourse–$10,000? (Is this supposed to be separate from #1?) 3. Have only went as far as first base–$5 (This base stuff always confused me.) 4. Have smoked an unfiltered cigarette or cigar–$2 (Yes, I smoked a cigar- ewww- at least it was a really expensive cigar. The funny thing is, I detest smoking.) 5. Have gotten so drunk, you’ve thrown up–$15 6. Have gone skinny dipping–$5 7. Have kissed someone of the opposite sex–$7,000 8. Have had more than one bf/gf at the same time–$1 9. Have cheated on someone you are in a committed relationship with–$2 10. Have fallen asleep during class–$0 11. Have cheated on a quiz–$0 12. Have been expelled–$0 13. Have been in a fist fight–$500 (don't ask) 14. Have given oral–$ Didn't we already cover this above? 15. Have received oral–$ See #14 16. Have prank called the cops–$0 17. Have stolen something from a store–$0 18. Have done some form of illegal drugs–$5 19. Have dyed your hair a color that evokes stares–$0 20. Have done something of a sexual nature with someone at least 5 yrs older than you–$About 9,995 (see #2) 21. Have dated someone over 18 while you were under 18–$1 ( One person, several dates) 22. Have eaten an entire bag of Oreos–$0 23. Have cried yourself to sleep over a member of the opposite sex–$0 24. Have said you love someone but didn’t actually mean it–$0 25. Have ever been in love–$1 26. Have ever been in lust–$5,000,000 (ha ha!) 27. Have gotten caught doing something that you shouldn’t have been doing–$0 ( I never get caught) 28. Have performed some sort of sexual activity in a house of worship–$0 29. Have gotten arrested–$0 30. Have spent a night in jail–$0 31. Have made out with someone at the movies–$25 32. Have peed in a pool–$0 33. Have played spin the bottle–$2 34. Have done something that you regret–$5,000 35. Have been in love with someone that you never told–$0 Yikes, I'm too tired to add this up. Thanks to Cat for keeping me up late doing this.
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