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Friday, July 14, 2006
i What?
As it should be! Some cheesy early attempts at taking some old photos of my son and making them look like an iPod ad. Now that my Photoshop skills have improved, I think I'll give it another try. iPod- RiP I think my precious iPod has bit the dust. I didn't even do anything to it. I can see if I would have dropped it, or something else equally asinine. It's not that it won't work at all. It's just that the click wheel won't work. Therefore, I have no control over what song I'm listening to, or at what volume. Not a good thing. I'm bummed about it, as my iPod is a constant companion. In the car, I've got a hook-up. In the house, it can be attached to its own little stereo. On the go, I have an arm-band. I'm going to continue tinkering with it for a while, I'm just not ready to give up on the old gal. Besides, I have better things to drop $300 on....Lots of things.
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