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Friday, July 14, 2006
I'll tell you, Kristine is dedicated. She got married less than a week ago, and she's still taking the time to assign us something for our weekly dose of SPF. However, I'm a bit frightened to look as she's asked us all to:
SHOW ME YOUR PIGGIES!!! Posted by Picasa
I hate, hate, hate feet. My ex-husband has some the ugliest, nastiest feet in the world. I'm not exaggerating. (Yes, I know mine aren't perfect- I'm in need of a pedicure.) Anyhow, his feet are the main source of my foot-hate. He has webbed toes, really, freakishly webbed toes. There's an enormous space between the big piggy and the next one- like there a toe missing there someplace, but there isn't- it only looks that way. To top it all off, the military's idea of fixing a seriously ingrown toenail was to rip off said toenail. Therefore both of the big toes have some half-assed nail growing there.
And, no, I didn't use some psychedelic filter on that shot. The people who owned my house before me but lights in the "orgy tub" in the master bath. I can be a little disconcerting to take a bath in a red-lit tub, but I'm getting used to it.
Posted by Picasa I'll also show you my 13 year-old son's gigantic feet. I think all the food he eats goes directly here, to his feet. Perhaps one day his body will catch up. It's best that his shoes are on for this, like most boys, his feet can reek. What is that all about?
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