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Monday, July 24, 2006
Monday's A Bitch
Random Joy 1. How much do the things you’re willing to discuss with your friends vary from things you’d discuss with a romantic partner? Which tends to be the closer relationship intellectually? If we're talking discus, as discuss issues of the day and such-well, I'm always up for a good debate/discussion. If we're talking personal details of my life, I'm very closed mouthed about that. I've been told that I'm a hard person to get to know. I'd like to say that I'm private. 2. When shopping, do you believe that generally things that cost more are of better quality? Well, there's the oladagege- you get what you pay for. believeve that is true to some extent. That being said, the most expensive item is not always the best. I do my research and make an informed choice. 3. How old were you when you first moved out of your parents' house? Or if you haven't yet, at what age could you see yourself moving out for the first time? I was 18. 4. Do you think that voting is important? Why or why not? I do think that it's important. It's our way of having our voice heard. 5. Do you keep a dream journal? No, but I should. I have some odd and sometimes interesting dreams.
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