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Monday, July 17, 2006
Where do you go to feel better about yourself? It could be a place that makes you feel peaceful and whole... or a place where the people around you are so dysfunctional that you no longer feel quite so psychotic. Where is that place? What is it about the location that pleases you? My first choice is home. Preferably, reclined in my hammock with a book in hand and a cold drink within reach. Cold drink... I love the sound of that... Would y'all like a cold drink? It just sounds so friendly and welcoming. But I digress... I've always wanted a hammock between two leafy trees- it's the symbol of utmost relaxation to me. Reading has always been a sublime form of escape for me. With a turn of a page I can be transported to any place, any time. What else in the world has such power? As far as naming a place where the people around me are so dysfunctional that it makes me feel better- well I can think of no better place than the DMV or the BMV or whatever it's called here. The damn license branch! Why is it that every time I go in there, no matter where in the country I live, it's filled with the dregs of the Earth? When do the normal people go to get new plates or a driver's license? My place of work comes in a close second in this category. Hey, we put the "fun" back in dysfunctional!
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