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Saturday, July 15, 2006
Salsa Saturday
I found a new photo meme, Salsa Saturday. Here's the basic premise: Every Saturday I will post a new photography theme. See it as a challenge, or an inspiration, or simply a starting point. Take camera in hand (or even pen and ink, or pastels, or whatever medium spills your imagination into visual form) and tell me your interpretatation of that week's theme on your blog. THIS WEEK'S THEME ~ July 8 2006 to July 14, 2006 Post a picture, or series of picutes, showing the joy and exuberance of movement. Our bodies are so much more expresive than even we realize. They can show hope in the tilt of a head, fear in the hestitancy of our steps, and joy in the rush of energy that wraps our arms around our loved ones. But whether the motion is small and subtle, or grandiouse and theatrical, a great part of that expressiveness is in the movement - the "aliveness" of our bodies, if you will. There is a subtlty and grace to stillness, but especially joy and sheer happiness is hard to express through static pose.

My son in action (as usual) in one of his favorite settings- water.

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