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Friday, July 14, 2006
More Lists!
Stolen from the Queen of all things Meme- Cat 01 : What is your homepage set to? My Personalized SBC Yahoo Page. 02 : What is your favorite website? I'd have to say Blogger- it's a love-hate relationship! 03 : Which five NON-EMAIL websites do you frequent most often? Blogger, Google, Flickr, Amazon and Dictionary.com 04 : What is your favorite band site (official or fan site)? I don't have one 05 : What is your favorite search engine? Google 06 : What is your favorite site to waste time on? Obviously Blogger 07 : What is your favorite online comic? I don't have one. 08 : What is the very first site you remember visiting? I have no idea 09 : What site have you been visiting the longest? Perhaps Yahoo. 10 : What now-defunct website do you miss the most? I can't think of one. 11 : What website cheers you up? Amazon.com-all those books! 12 : What website annoys you? I don't surf to sites that annoy me. 13 : How old were you when you first used the 'net? About 25. 14 : How long did it take you to stumble on a porn site? I don't think one "stumbles" upon such sites. 15 : Have you ever put a profile up on an online dating site? Oh God, yes. Bad, bad idea. I have no idea why I did it. I do have a profile on OKCupid, but it's only for the tests. 16 : Approximately how many site links are in your favorites? I'd guess somewhere around 350. 17 : Which website do you love the design/layout of? My Google home page. 18 : What online shopping/store site do you like best? Amazon.com 19 : What are the last five sites you visited? Photobucket.com, Blogger.com, Dictionary.com, Technorati.com and Flickr.com 20 : Which email site do you use? I have a gmail account and 2 sbcglobal accounts. 21 : Who is your Internet provider? Obviously SBC Global 22 : What kind of 'net do you have (dial-up, cable, etc.)? At home and at work, DSL 23 : Have you ever gotten a computer virus? How bad was it? Several years ago I did and it was pretty vicious. 24 : What website are you addicted to? Addicted, no. 25 : Do you have a website? If so, list: I have this blog, my Manic Monday meme blog and just maybe a totally anonymous blog. 26 : Do you have a paid subscription to any sites? If so, list: Consumer Reports
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