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Thursday, January 26, 2006
3X Thursday
3x Thursday: 01/26/y2k+6: Favorites
1. What's your favorite type of candy? Why? Godiva dark chocolate truffle. It's dark and rich and delicious. Besides, research is now telling us that dark chocolate is actually good for us! 2. What's you're favorite piece of clothing? Any special reason? My favorite item of clothing is a white zipper hoodie sweatshirt, for no other reason than it is comfortable and I'm always cold. 3. Oh, ice cream! What's your favorite kind of ice cream or frozen treat? Black Raspberry Avalanche Dreamery Ice cream. It's Mountains of Vanilla and Black Raspberry Ice Cream Loaded with Dark Chocolaty Chunks. Pure Heaven... Bonus Question for Comments: Red licorice or black? Neither, licorice is disgusting! If I was forced to eat one it would be red licorice.
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