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Friday, February 10, 2006
Four On Friday
FOUR FOR FRIDAY Q1 - Overcome: Name one physical challenge you'd like to accomplish before you die? I'd love to be able to run a marathon. I'm not a good distance runner and would love to train to overcome that. I've done rock-climbing in the California desert and surfed in Hawaii, but I've never done a marathon. Q2 - Fuel: Twenty (20) years from now, what do you think you'll be using to fuel your car: Gasoline, Hydrogen, Ethanol, Biodiesel, a Hybrid System, or something else entirely? According to my son, hydrogen fuel. He feels we'll somehow separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in water and use it as fuel. Don't ask me... That isn't my arena of knowledge... Q3 - Poking Fun: Cartoons first published in a Danish newspaper last fall, then reprinted in other publications across Europe in recent weeks, have sparked outrage across the Islamic world. From a cartoon image depicting Muhammad wearing a turban crafted into the shape of a bomb with a lit fuse, to another showing the seventh-century prophet standing in heaven telling a line of suicide bombers to stop because "We've run out of virgins," the cartoons hold nothing back in terms of poking fun at Muslims. Do you feel the newspapers in question were justified in publishing these cartoons? If so, would your opinion change if highly offensive cartoons related to some aspect of your own religion were published in your hometown newspaper? I do believe in freedom of speech. However, that does not grant free license. I don't think we would appreciate humor regarding the holocaust or September 11th, 2001. There's a fine line here between political humor, free speech and disrespecting the culture of others. I think it is a place that we should all tread lightly. Q4 - Cell Phones: How many different cell phones have you owned, and what was the reason for switching to the one you're using now? I'm not sure on the exact number, maybe 5 or so. I like to upgrade when I can to a newer model with all the latest gadgets. I'm hoping to get a new one later this month. I just need to decide what I want.
Four On Friday
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