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Thursday, February 09, 2006
Personal Emails from Work
School District Releases E-mails
Personally, I don't want to read the Zionsville School Superintendent Hull's emails. I don't think he should be fired for writing them. Dr. Hull resigned after the school board made it public that he sent and received personal emails at work.
It seems that the emails outlined an extra-marital affair. At some times the emails were sexually explicit. Perhaps not the best choice on his part, but worth losing your job over? I don't think so.
I imagine the email I've sent and received at work would put Dr. Hull's to shame. I shudder to think of my email being printed and handed out in a folder to all of my co-workers. They are my emails. Mine! It's my email account and nobody's damn business but mine, regardless of where I wrote or read them. Even if they're sexually explicit.... Especially if they are.
Oh, if you're planning on sending me any, let me know ahead of time- I have a special folder I file them in!
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