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Thursday, February 09, 2006
And The Verdict Is...
The good news- I don't have the flu. The bad news- I have a sinus infection. That explains why I've been so tired, dizzy and running a low-grade fever. So, after a brief exam and a 40 minute inquiry/speech by my doctor, I'm own my way to recuperation. Unfortunately, I have to take an antibiotic. I don't like taking them but I understand why I have to in this instance. Doesn't have to make me like it.... It was hotter than Hades in her office and I was sweltering under all the layers I had on. I was freezing when I had left home. I had on a long-sleeved T-shirt under one of those runners' fleece shirts. I wanted to take the fleece off but my T-shirt wasn't fit for public viewing. I never wear it out in public. It has a picture similar to this on it.

Not exactly this this, mind you- but you get the drift. Actually, it's worse than that. Something like cat woman goes to the S&M convention. But it is the most comfortable shirt It's so soft...So I put it on. I can't imagine the crap I would have taken off the doc if she would have seen that. I suffered with my heat stroke silently...

As they say at my work, the good doctor "goes to my church". That's our way of saying she's a lesbian. Same church but different pew.... She's much more of the "textbook" definition of lesbian. Maybe not a "100 footer" (see previous post on that subject) but perhaps a 50 footer. I think she relishes giving me personal as well as medical advice. I had to get the requisite questioning of my personal life and advice from my doctor. She's thorough, I'll give her that. I think this was the shortest visit ever at 40 minutes. I'm talking 40 minutes with the doc, not waiting for her. I'm going to bed...I can't bear to miss any more work.

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