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Friday, February 10, 2006
Friday Fandango
Scenario: After a couple of years and some TLC, your blog has finally started to attract attention. Your hit counter is through the roof and even some of the big name bloggers have started linking to you. Before you can get a big head about your new found fame, your boss lets you know that he's discovered your blog and wants to discuss it with you first thing in the morning. What do you do? A: Destroy the evidence! You can always get a new blog… and start all over. *sigh* B: Delete only the posts where you call him a "slave driving bastard". C: Write up a long post about how handsome, intelligent and fair your boss is… and then cross your fingers. D: Check to see if the domain name "dooce2.com" is available. None of the above. Honestly, I'm not too worried about my boss coming across my blog. She's internet challenged. I've had to go over to her house multiple times to fix her home computer because she's messed up her email somehow. If she did somehow come across it, I haven't said anything too disparaging about her. And if I did say something, she already knows it. We cut right through the bullshit around here....
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