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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Sick, again. This time I believe it is a cold. I woke up feeling like death warmed over. And a fever to boot. As the incubation period is 2 days it means I contracted this Sunday morning? WTF? I was reading the Sunday paper then. Who knows.... I pick up everything. I think my son brings it home, gives it to me and doesn't catch it himself. The kid never gets sick. Not ever in his life. Lucky him...Lucky me too. Ah ha, this explains why I become ill so frequently:
Get stressed and get a cold There is much evidence that indicates that the stress of every day life can influence the susceptibility to infection. Experimental studies in which common cold viruses have been administered into the nose of healthy volunteers have shown that there is a link between recent history of psychological stress and susceptibility to infection. Stress appears to be associated with the suppression of general resistance to infection that leaves the person susceptible to infection. It is still not clear how psychological stress affects the immune system but the most likely link appears to be the increase in the release of corticosteroid hormones associated with stress, as corticosteroid hormones are known to decrease resistance to infection.
Just another reason to validate my need for a vacation. Somewhere tropical and peaceful.
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