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Monday, February 13, 2006
Monday Music Mambo
Hi mamboers! I'm here again with a mambo for you to fill out. Today's theme is "Final Warning Day." I can't think of any good questions for that theme, so I'll do a "which is better" theme today. You can answer with one or the other, or neither, or both, or name your own. Be creative and honest and crazy. David Bowie or David Lee Roth? David Bowie I suppose. I can't stand David Lee Roth Hotel Calfornia or Heartbreak Hotel? Hotel California KISS or Love? How about Heart instead? Jimi Hendrix or Jimmy Page? I'll take Jimmy Buffett Faith Hill or Faith No More? Neither one. Safety Dance or The Hustle? Safety Dance- my son and I laugh every time we hear it. George Clinton or George Strait? George Benson. Elvis Presley or Elvis Costello? Costello Little Richard or Lil' Jon? Little Richard Steven Tyler or Mick Jagger? Steven Tyler I guess, I can't look at either one of them. Keith Richards or Joe Perry? Keith Richards Live album or studio album? Live Fender or Gibson? Fender
Music Mambo
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