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Friday, February 10, 2006
Question of the Day
Voted off If you were on Survivor, how soon do you think you'd be voted off? Do you think you'd win the $1 million? First of all, I'd never want to be on Survivor. The show might be filmed somewhere that there are snakes and I can't stand snakes. Secondly, I can't eat disgusting things. No way. It makes me sick just to watch that kind of thing. But if I could get by those two things somehow, I think I'd do fairly well. I have a strong work ethic, so I wouldn't be booted for being lazy. I can tolerate almost any type of hardship as long as I know it's temporary, so I wouldn't be a whiner. I'd most likely try to be sweet and fly under the radar. But I don't honestly think that would get me to win...
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