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Thursday, March 23, 2006
I had an interesting, almost surreal day. My plans ended up changing from what I originally thought I'd be doing today. Hey, that happens... I was able to get in with my hairstylist today. He's a sweetheart. I've been going to him for a few years now, so of course, he knows every detail of my personal life! While he was working on me, one of the other stylists called him over. Her client, a man (of course) asked Terry (my hair guy) who I was. He said I was "hot." Ugh! Terry took that opportunity to let the man in on the fact that he (Terry) and I both play for the "pink team", i.e - I'm gay and so is he. The guy said that he didn't care, I was still hot. Whatever! After my haircut, I decided to stop at 21st Smendment Liquor Store to stock up on some wine. I ended up spending about an hour there. The owner is a huge wine buff and has thousands of wines in stock. I told him what I liked and he had tons of suggestions. We just had an all-out discussion about a variety of topics. My love for wine had him saying that if he didn't have a wife, he would want to marry me. Though he did admit he was old enough to be my father! He was cracking me up, which is always a good thing with me. He even talked me in to sampling 2 different Rose wines. I have such a negative connotation in my mind when I think of Rose. But these were neither cheap, nor horrible. He told me they go well with salads, which is something that I eat a lot of. So, I may actually buy a bottle. Just not today. I did drink two glasses of the stuff, so it can't be half bad. I find it is a good thing to go out durning the day when "regular" people are at work. You get much better service...
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