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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Way Back Wednesday
Way Back Wednesday: I'm hot, sticky sweet, from my head to my feet... Alright, this week's theme brings us back to the 1980s. Is there no song that SCREAMS 1980s more than Jefferson Airplane's "We Built this City"?
Prom 1987..Could someone tell me what I was thinking when I picked out that dress? And what about the GBH (great big hair)???
That's my future ex-husband there with me...I should have had the limo run him down in the parking lot, based on his behavior last night, and for most of the last...oh, say...18 years!

One of my senior pictures...I tried to pick the one that illustrates the 80's the best. Love the feathering look of my hair. Must have taken loads of hairspray to get that look...

Way Back Wednesday

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